5 Tips To Writing A Killer Vision Statement

Omnipotent. Omniscient. Omnipresent.

Those are the word that describe the God who has called you to ministry. That means… an ALL POWERFUL, ALL KNOWING, and ALL PRESENT God is on your side and is behind the life changing and eternity changing work that you and your team are doing.


Dreaming big is worthy of such a God! But, how do you dream big in ministry?

This training goes through five practical tips on how to begin to answer the question, “How Will The World Look Different?’ because of the work that the ministry is doing. Learn how to inspire and motivate your team to attain huge goals.

If you are a ministry leader, feel free to reach out to us at The Ezer Project. We believe that what you are doing is changing lives and eternities and want to support you in what you are doing!