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Your Donation Is A Blessing

Your generous support helps us to further the reach of not only our ministry, but the effectiveness of the ministries led by every lay minister that we support through our mission. We sincerely believe that, just like the blessed fish and loaves, your gift will feed multitudes.

Matthew 14:13-21

Ways To Give

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The Ezer Project
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Donation FAQs

The Ezer Project is a non-profit ministry, committed to best business practices and accountability to our donors who partner with us in ministry. With your help, we are working to create support for the lay ministers who are heroically striving to serve our Lord in the Church today.

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Yes. Monetary deductions to The Ezer Project are tax-deductible; however, certain donations in which the donor receives a good or service in return for a donation are not tax-deductible or may be only partially deductible.

Non Profit Acceptance Letter (click here)

Federal Tax ID number (also known as an EIN, Employer Identification Number) 47-5306585 .
When you pledge to give a specific monthly donation by credit card – in an amount you are comfortable with – you become our partner in ministry. Every dollar goes to support the development of programs designed to advocate, train, and support the holistic spiritual, emotional, and financial health of lay Catholic ministers..

Automatic donations are easy! Use our safe and secure online platforms to partner with us today.

We are EXCITED to invite more people to partner with us in ministry! There are many people who are not able to serve alongside us but wish to partner us in the this world changing mission. The truth is, our beautiful Jesus has called us to serve lay minister and we will continue to do so no matter how much money we receive.

God is not reliant upon money to do incredible things. Yet, we also believe that God can use money to accomplish His will. Proper funding means that we can build incredible systems of support for ministers and their parishes in ways that would be incredibly difficult without financial support. Your support goes to:

  • Bringing in the best and brightest minds of lay ministry to serve the Church through The Ezer Project and giving them a wage that makes it possible for them to support their families
  • Development of materials, programs, apps, and resources designed to make ministers more efficient, giving them more time to spend in types of ministry that change hearts and minds
  • Grant programs to help lay ministers to overcome the significant financial burdens that come with lay ministry, making it possible for them to make lifetime commitments to service
  • Creating retreat opportunities to help lay ministers reconnect with our Lord, moving them to deep holiness and conformity with the will of God
  • Advocacy efforts that promote lay ministry, recruiting and fostering a call to service among the best and brightest within the Church while inspiring the people of the Church through the sharing of today’s saints-in-the-making
  • Moving forward to long term, world changing goals that, in order to be pulled off, need the foundation of funds, resources, and a team of incredibly holy and smart people.
  • And so much more!
All monthly donors will receive an annual statement reflecting the prior years total contributions. The statement is usually mailed in February.
Absolutely! Contact us via email on our contact page, share with us your phone number, and we will connect with you to update your profile!
Yes. Just let us know via email on our contact page. We will connect with you to make changes to your account as quickly as possible.
At any point during your life, you are more than welcome to make an outright gift of cash, securities, or other property (ie. Real estate, personal property).

Through your will or with a distribution from a retirement plan or life insurance policy, your gift can be designated to The Ezer Project.


As you and your financial advisor are making plans in the structuring of planned gift contributions, connect with us directly to work on getting exactly what is needed. If needed, here is a copy of The Ezer Project’s tax- exempt letter.

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Attn: The Ezer Project
1630 Williams Hwy, PMB#343
Grants Pass, Or