Endure The Storms In Ministry

It was never an IF.

It was always WHEN things were going to get hard in ministry.

When the storms come in ministry, it can be easy to get rocked to your core. You might begin to doubt what God has called you to do. It is easy to become discouraged or distracted. And the temptation to compromise on the mission because of outside persecution or pressure is going to increase.

Building a strong foundation BEFORE the storms hit will make it far, far easier to endure and even thrive during those times. And that strong foundation for the ministry and your team comes from prayerfully and carefully discerning the Core Ideology of the ministry.

Watch the training to learn why Core Ideology is so crucial to building solid foundations in ministry and how God speaks in Scripture about the importance of building strong foundations. And be convicted on why Core Ideology, though simple, is extremely difficult to get RIGHT and why it is worth the struggle in time and prayerful discernment.

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