Grow Gradually: Habit #6 Of Highly Effective Lay Ministers

By nature, I am hard wired to achieve. It is hard for me to sit back and relax when so much can be accomplished. Not only do I want it done, I want it done yesterday! Usually, the best results come from slow and steady growth. We are in this for the long haul. You may not be at your parish or in your position for years and years, but you are a part of something that is long lasting.

It is important to do things with excellence. Do not rush into projects or programs. Pray about them. Think them through. Vision with your team.

Execute with precision and shoot for the stars. It is crucial that you build credibility. If you want kids or adults to keep coming back, you want to have them leave wanting for more, not wishing it had ended earlier. Peak their interest. Stir up their curiosity. All of this takes time.

We often talk about changing paradigms. This never happens overnight or with one event. It usually requires a multi-pronged approach that is applied consistently over a long period of time. Then, you might finally see the ship starting to turn.

If you are seeking easy answers or fast results, then you are in the wrong business. God is in it for the long haul and sees the big picture. We need to be right there with him. Slow and steady wins the race and the Lord has called us to marathon with Him!

Bruce Baumann is the Director of Faith Formation at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton in Plano, TX. He received his Master’s Degree in Pastoral Studies from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN and has been involved in professional youth ministry for 20+ years. Bruce is a certified catechetical instructor in the Dallas Diocese and a Life Coach for the Living Your Strengths movement. He is passionate about training ministry leaders and has had the joy of presenting workshops and retreats at conferences and parishes around the country.